Jay Strongman is one of the original legends of the British club scene & has been filling dance floors around the world since the 1980s with his unique blend of funky, uplifting grooves. From DJ’ing at London’s first wave of illegal raves to spinning tunes alongside the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Afrika Bambaataa, Pete Tong and Todd Terry, to becoming a mainstay at London’s most fashionable club of the 21st Century, Jay has always mixed the coolest contemporary sounds with his own choice of World Music grooves, retro tunes, and undiscovered dance gems.

“The roots of the UK’s currently thrilling club culture do go back beyond house music, and back then there’s a lot to thank Jay Strongman for. With the good looks of Sasha, the hipness quotient of Graeme Park, and and workload of Grooverider, it was funky Jay and his discoed-up counterfoil Mark Moore who paved the way for much we take for granted today”MIX MAG

“If ever a DJ has displayed the knack of being one step ahead of the crowd, then Jay Strongman is that man” - NME

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